Gundagai Floods

Welcome the the Gundagai Floods website

This website provides Information about current flood events in the Gundagai district and surrounding areas. We mainly focus on the Murrumbidgee River along with the Tumut River which flows into the Murrumbidgee River upstream of Gundagai. We do also look at other tributaries due to the sheer volume of water that can flow down them.

Please note that we are not an officially recognised advisory service. We will always try to provide information given from official outlets regarding predicted flood heights. Where we personally believe the height will be different we will specify that it is our opinion or expectation that it may be different. We do not take any responsibility for actions that any individual or business takes (or does not take) based around the opinions we give.

Immediately before, during and after flood events we will try at a minimum to provide updates once in the morning and once in the afternoon each day. During the flood event depending on what is occurring we may provide updates as often as every half hour.